In order to establish the concept of sustainably channeling tourists across the destination, we created KARSTRAIL cross-border tourism products as cycling or hiking trails for active visitors. These sustainable cross-border products link hot spots in all four types of karst and are geared to more active visitors (cyclists, hikers), emphasizing the guidelines of sustainable tourism of the entire chain of the included elements.

The following criteria were set for creating new KARSTRAIL tourism products:

  • The criterion of interest along the trails (educational and tourist hot spots);
  • The criterion of tourism offer along the trails (accommodation, food, e-charging stations, events);
  • The criterion of the activity type (cycling, hiking);
  • The criterion of categorizing the cycling trails;
  • The criterion of length i.e. distance between individual destinations;
  • Individual newly established interpretation centers as the starting points for cycling/hiking activities and uncovering the points of interest in the karst landscape (discovering karst heritage).

These basic outlines were defined, dictating the necessary time and features of the actual creation of each KARSTRAIL tourism product:

  • One-day cycling tours in the vicinity of each interpretation center;
  • 2 and 3-day cycling tours between two interpretation centers;
  • Multi-stage 8-day cycling tour spanning the wider area of the project connecting all four interpretation centers;
  • Hiking and educational trails.

All KarstTrail tourist products (cycling and hiking tours, thematic learning paths), as designed as part of the Krasn'Krš project, are collected and presented in detail in terms of content and cartography at the links below.


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