The purpose of the tourism product Krasn'Krš Festival is attending events. Krasn'Krš Festival becomes a joint platform for promoting all types of events relating to karst that are organized in the interpretation centers throughout the year. Most of the events are tied to 6 June, the International Caves and Karst Day. To mark the occasion, the centers organize events about the karst and traditional karst knowledge. All the interpretation centers are included in the project and visitors can attend selected karst-related festivals. This product addresses both the existing center visitors, as well as potential new visitors.

Product story:

“Each year, the International Caves and Karst Day honors the landscape with events across several locations presenting karst and the related traditional knowledge to the visitors. Krasn'Krš Festival encompasses all the events that are held in the interpretation centers on June 6 or in the weeks before and after. In Sežana, participants embark on a journey from doline to doline. In Škocjan Caves, the karst tradition is presented at various events throughout the year. On Karst Day, visitors are invited to the Kraška gmajna event, where they can visit a cave, discover the local offer on the stands and test their knowledge in various workshops. In Brod na Kupi, the Krš Festival puts on lectures and workshops discovering the underground world of the karst. Punat puts on several local events throughout the month of June.”