Krasn'Krš ACADEMY – Krasn'Krš Master

The purpose of the tourism product Krasn'Krš Academy – Krasn'Krš Master is to explore human influence on the karst and the skills people developed in order to survive in this kind of environment. Krasn'Krš Master is bonus offer of the Krasn'Krš Academy that does not require visits to the centers, but entails workshops in the centers in which participants can gain an insight into traditional karst knowledge and skills. This is a way for the centers to promote each other’s complementary offer of practical workshops while also providing visitors with traditional knowledge. The sequence of the product has been designed similarly to the Krasn'Krš Expert, except that participants earn the title of Krasn'Krš Apprentice or Krasn'Krš Master here. This motivates them to attend larger workshops. After attending one workshop, participants earn the title of Apprentice and Master after three workshops. Participants get a diploma and a practical prize in any of the centers. Each of the centers will prepare at least one workshop where participants can get in-depth in knowledge on at least one topic. All the interpretation centers are included in the project, offering visitors select workshops that are currently on offer that have been created for the project needs. This product addresses both the existing center visitors, as well as potential new visitors who are interested in specific topics. 

Product story:

“Life on the karst has always required a great deal of inventiveness, persistence, and good old karst stubbornness. Over the centuries, humans living in karst landscapes have developed ways to survive in this often harsh and inhospitable environment. They learned to utilize the karst landscape and its features to their advantage, which co-shaped the karst landscape and gave it a special, authentic charisma. These human activities span from erecting dry walls to protect fertile sections of land to the typical method of constructing houses to shield the inner courtyards from the punishing bora wind, to the specific cuisine. The product Krasn'Krš Master gives visitors an insight into the traditional skills and knowledge of the locals. By attending selected workshops and guided experience tours, participants can experience, touch, and try their hand at implementing the skills needed to live on the karst. Attending the workshops will earn you the title Krasn'Krš Apprentice and Krasn'Krš Master. In Sežana, you can discover the karst herbs that the local women skillfully included into their everyday routines. They were used to spruce enhance karst cuisine and would waft the typical karst scents across homesteads. A trail nearby Sežana will introduce you to the local herbs and karst vegetation. Join us in Škocjan Caves and make bird feeders and nest boxes. Bird species are bountiful in the karst, carving out their space among the karst vegetation. A visit to the center in Brod na Kupi will take you on a journey to the underground world of the karst, where you can attend workshops to learn about the animals that have adapted to life in perpetual darkness. Conclude your educational adventure on the karst with new knowledge about olive tree cultivation and olive oil production on the Island of Krk.”