The purpose of the tourism product Krasn'Krš Experience is to discover and experience the natural beauty of the karst using the senses. Krasn'Krš Experience speaks to the visitors through every sense: hearing, smell, touch, sight. This allows them to truly feel and embrace karst. Each of the centers develops one such experience of the karst in their offer. The products can range from one-day experiences to several days of karst discovery. When developing the product, each center picks one of the senses and develops a program (guided tour, workshop) that offers the visitors a different kind of experience of the karst through the selected sense. The most important aspect is that the program is guided and includes interpretation. All the interpretation centers are included and offer visitors half-day experiences. This product addresses both the existing center visitors, as well as potential new visitors.

Product story:

“Now you can truly feel the karst! The smells, tastes, sounds, and sights of the secrets of the karst world will create a completely new experience. Karst is inhabited by birds, including the extraordinary Eurasian eagle-owl. Listen closely while exploring the karst landscape in Škocjan Caves Park and you can hear the distinct calls of this owl. Can you imitate it? The underground world of karst is home to bats and other animals that have managed to adapt to this harsh environment. By visiting Brod na Kupi, you can embark on a guided tour of the underground world of karst and discover life in perpetual darkness. Then it’s back to the surface again to smell the sweet aroma of karst flowers and herbs. You can attend a workshop to create your very own karst perfume in Sežana. Of course, smells should always be accompanied by tastes. The Island of Krk is rich in olive trees and olive oil. Visit the center in Punat and taste the bitterness and richness of olives and olive oil. Give in to it. Your senses will thank you.”